rig #4

The rig is made of 2mm plywood, which is easy to handle and much cheaper than carbon. There are two mini servos- one for the rotation and a second one to press the release button. A gear which is cut out of thin plastic closes an electric contact for a moment- long enough to let the release servo fullfill appr. 1.5 turns.

Total weight ist 295 gr.- 150 gr. for the camera (Canon Ixus 50), 145 gr. for the rig, energy pack and suspension  using a small 1/3 AAA rechargeable battery- it will last for about 45 minutes. If you want to do a longer KAP session better use 2 AA Mignon batteries which means to add 15 gr.

the new Rig

the rollover bars will not help if the camere crashes, they make it safer to place it on the ground  


16 pictures per round

the release servo