Horáckúv Drácek Olsany- 17. Oktober 2004

All kind of aviation is very popular in the Cech Republic. There is a long tradition in construction of aircraft, helicopters and gliders. There are only few restrictions if you want to fly your self made aircraft, you do not need any license to kill yourself. Those not having the knowledge, courage or money to built a real airplane fly models- and they are really good!
The Olsany Festival was not only a kite event, paragliders, aircraft (real and model) conquered the sky, kites were  part of the festival. 
The flying field was a large meadow divided by fences and had a nice view to the plains, where the battle of Austerlitz took place in 1805. In the middle there is a an old farm, that is owned by a well known actor, who renovated it and made up a stable, restaurant, hotel and a cultural venue.

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